There are a variety of ways you can volunteer with Life Services to impact life in our community! If you are passionate about empowering men and women to choose life and want to offer compassion and grace to people in crisis, then volunteering with us might just be the perfect fit!

Whether your talents and giftings are administrative or relational, we have many needs that you can help fill. Read about the volunteer positions below and contact us to learn more.

Event Volunteers

Event volunteers help us prepare for events and help us on the day of our events as well. They assist with mailing invitations, tracking RSVPs, and preparing for the event ahead of time.

Abstinence Events

These local events are designed for local 6th grade students. The girl’s event is in April and the boy’s event is in November. Day-of event volunteers help us set up, check in guests, hand out t-shirts and giveaways, and help us tear down afterwards. We truly could not pull off events without our volunteers!

Medical Volunteers

Medical volunteers assist with providing medical services to our clients. This includes pregnancy testing, administering ultrasounds, and providing information about STIs and abortion reversal protocols. If you are a registered nurse and would like to volunteer in this role, we’d love to hear from you!

General Volunteers

General volunteers help with the day-to-day operations of our pregnancy center. This can include helping to restock our baby boutique when donations come in, organizing material goods that are donated, answering phone calls, writing thank you notes, and performing other administrative tasks.

Client Coaches

Finally, our client coaches provide emotional and spiritual support to our clients. This happens when clients come to us undecided and need someone to help them understand their options, and it also happens when clients choose to parent and need help navigating that new path. Our coaches are there to cheer them on and provide encouragement, relationship, and support along the way.

Dad Coaches

We’re looking for men who focus on helping the young dads who come into the clinic. We provide training for our client coaches, including our male coaches for our male clients.

If one of these volunteer positions sounds like a good fit for you, please contact us today so we can learn more about your passions and abilities and help you find the right place to plug in!

Volunteer opportunities:

  • Client Coach- help clients through their parenting journey
  • Nurses- help with pregnancy testing
  • Dad Coach- men who focus on helping dads who come into the clinic
  • Abstinence Events for local 6th grade students- girls in April and boys in November

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